Crete is a special island. It is 5 million years old, located in the middle of the Mediterranean at equal distance to Europe, Africa Asia. It is obvious to have special nature with various influences. The endemic character (10 % of the species) and the diversity of ecosystems are essential features of its nature.

The large mountain areas above 2000 meters along the length of the island, often snowy, act like natural dams for the weather. They create rain , store water and cause diversity in ecosystems.

So visitors will be surprised when in a short time from the exotic beaches, they could find themselves in cool ravines filled with herbs or oak, in green fields with orchards or even in the Alpine region of its mountains.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Volunteering in the Park

The Nature Park is run as a public non-profit activity that is based on the voluntary work of its creators, but volunteers from all over the world also come to help out.  Some of our fellow citizens have also chosen to spend a part of their time creatively by helping in the park.

Those people that come from other parts of the world usually stay for a few weeks or more.  They live in the park and by doing so, have a creative travel experience.

 If you wish to take part in the park's voluntary program, contact: www.helpx.net
or you can login and find our direct profile in helpx:

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